How it works.

Find a Contract

RS Organisations Ab researches available contracts for you and will evaluate together its major key-elements.

Schedule a meeting

Together, we will go through the details of the public procurement contract(s) such as product details, quantities, logistics and terms.

Establish an agreement

RS Organisations Ab will establish an agreement with you, in order to take action and start providing supplies or services to the public entities.


This phase is where the most happens. Each counterpart acts where they are the best at.


Cheers! We will look into past actions, decisions and confirm to you how the future will look like.



Please find below, our most frequently asked questions from our clients.

Do You Act As a Middleman?

We do not act as a middlemen. We make the contact and prcesses between you and governmental entities possible and time-effective.

Who Decides The Bid Price?

The bid price is fully determined by you. We do not mark-up the given price, but simply acts as a bridge to the procuring agency.

What Are The Costs?

RS Organisations takes a percentage (%) of the given contract value. This percentage varies according to the contract’s complexity and some other factors. This percentage is always under 10 %.

Are Public Procurements Risky?

Public procurements are one of the most reliable and safest way to create positive and long-lasting cashflow for your business as governmental agencies only rarely default.